Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is generally not due to a problem with the spine. This doesn’t mean that upper back problems can’t be uncomfortable and painful. The majority of upper back pain problems are caused by an irritated muscle or joint problem. While it could also be something more serious like a herniated disk or degenerated disk. Disk problems are less common in the upper back.

The upper back is also referred to as the thoracic spine. This area of your back is from your chest up. There are twelve vertebrae that make the upper back. The lower back controls much of the movement making the upper back used for stability. Since the upper back doesn’t move around very often, spinal disorders like stenosis or herniated discs are uncommon.

The two most common forms of upper back pain are irritated muscles or joint problems. Since the upper back doesn’t have as much movement as the lower back, it is much easier to have joint problems or irritate a muscle. Another reason why joint problems and irritated muscles are common in the lower back is because of lifting. Whenever you lift or pull something using your back you increase the chance that you will irritate a muscle or pinch a nerve. Upper back pain can also be caused from an abrupt injury or from bad posture over a long period of time.

When it comes to treating upper back problems there are many options to choose from.

Here is a list of some common forms of treatment:

Consult your healthcare provider. For more information about upper back causes and treatments you can call 1-888-BACK-RELIEF today and talk to a back pain expert about what the best solution is for your back pain.