Most chiropractors believe that having a properly aligned spine will allow the body to heal itself without requiring surgery or medication. Chiropractors will generally use hands-on-spinal manipulation to treat any acute back pain you may be experiencing. This form of manipulation has been shown to help re-establish mobility to joints. A chiropractor with the medical initials “DC” will generally have a pre-med undergraduate degree and five years of Chiropractic College.

What to expect at the Chiropractor

When going to a chiropractor for back pain, you should know what to expect before you go in. At your first appointment with a chiropractor, he or she will ask you about your medical history and what type of back pain you are having. After the chiropractor has obtained all the information they need, they will generally do a physical examination to see if they can determine the cause of your back pain. Depending on what chiropractor you see, he or she may also have x-rays done on your back to help better determine what treatment is best for your back pain.

Benefits of going to a Chiropractor

There are many benefits of going to see a chiropractor. Seeing a Chiropractor for spinal manipulation is a safe way to relief back pain. Chiropractors have been shown to help reduce acute back pain, which is more common than severe back pain. Chiropractors have also been shown to help reduce neck pain and headaches that are caused from back pain.

Consult your healthcare provider. For more information on back pain, call 1-888-BACK-RELIEF today and talk to a back pain expert about what the best solution is for you.