Back Pain Treatments

There are many different types of treatment for back pain. Specific exercises, visiting a chiropractor, and, if necessary, surgery can help reduce your back pain.


Most chiropractors believe that having a properly aligned spine will allow the body to heal itself without requiring surgery or medication. They will generally use hands-on-spinal manipulation to treat any acute back pain you may be experiencing. This form of manipulation has been shown to help re-establish mobility to joints. A chiropractor with the medical initials “DC” will generally have a pre-med undergraduate degree and five years of Chiropractic College. Read more about Chiropractors.

Back Pain Exercises

There are many types of exercises that you can do to help reduce your back pain. There are specific exercises that can help with upper back pain or lower back pain. Before starting any of these exercises, be sure to check with your chiropractic doctor or healthcare provider to make sure they are the right exercises for you. Read more about Back Pain Exercises.

Back Surgery

Surgery should always be the last option when it comes to back pain. Since spinal surgery is serious, you should make sure that you know all the details about your back pain. Back surgery does not always relieve the back pain that you are having. Read more about Back Surgery.